Carlene was stressed out and physically broken down from the abundance of suffering life continued to dump on her. The domino effect of the events left her weary and every time she thought she was over an emotional hump, another storm would come along and destroy her progress. She couldn’t focus on anything and had lost her desire to function.
She fought one physical aliment after another, went through a bitter divorce, and found her second “dream marriage” on the rocks.

Carlene faced the challenge of raising boys in a troublesome society. Despite her best efforts, her oldest son ended up incarcerated on what she felt was a bogus charge. Life had dealt her a bad hand with nothing positive in sight. Feeling like she had been cursed with a plague, no one could convince Carlene that she wasn’t the twentieth century Job, and just like him she was holding on to a tested faith and praying to God to fix things for her. She had to find a way to get out of this rut, or it was going to suck the life right out of her.

This book is about one mother’s trials and tribulations and how God enabled her to carry on when all appeared hopeless. She shares her breakdown in faith and perseverance when she was powerless and her breakthrough. As you read her sequence of trials, you will surely be able to relate to many events in this book. Get your box of Kleenex ready because her story is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, want to fight and even rejoice.